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Photographic Safari Tanzania

The word ‘photo’ and ‘safari’ have different and separate meanings but when used together give a traveler a hint as to what one can expect when taking a photography safari.

Safari is the Swahili word for ‘travel or a journey or expedition’ for either hunting, exploration, or viewing animals in their natural environment.

So, we can come to a conclusion and say that a Photo Safari is an adventurous travel or expedition undertaken and bring people closer to wildlife and get the opportunity to write with a light and bring the photographer closer to wildlife.

When you engage yourself in this expeditionary and extraordinary activity, will get a unique chance to create traits so that the images captured express accurately how you see the world to which you are exposed during the activity.

So, what is the difference between a wildlife safari and a photographic safari?

  • Wildlife Safaris.

When embarking on a wildlife safari, you will be guided by a wildlife expert. In this kind of Safari, expect to experience Africa’s flora and fauna in a designated area only. No trespassing will be allowed following the animals.

Normally, on wildlife Safaris, pictures are taken using mobile phones and small cameras and it is less expensive compared to photographic safaris.

  • Photographic safaris.

Photographic safaris are normally higher in price compared to the well-known normal game drive; this is because they are custom-made specifically for photographers.

Photographic safaris provide better values compared to wildlife safaris. Here are the reasons.

01. Private access may be granted to certain parts of the park which are not normally given to others.

02. Modified open safari jeeps with no windows so placing large cameras & flexibility in moving cameras. This will let you get images from different angles.

03. Photo safaris are normally operating outside the usual hours in the park. Might be early morning or late evening, therefore it gives you a better chance to explore more animals            and actions in the wild.

04. Another advantage of photographic safaris is ‘no hurry. You will not be competing with the time and this will allow you to have more time and have a great shot.

05. You will have more time to edit your pictures and posts in the bush after completing your photo sessions. This is the best time and opportunity for correcting ‘settings’ and ‘modes’        for the next session in the field.



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