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Payment Details

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We use 2 basic forms of payment

1. Online credit card payments

Paying with a credit card is the fastest and most convenient way to pay. This Payment Method has a 4% bank surcharge that needs to be added on top of the original amount.


2. Bank Details:

 Account/Beneficiary Name :  Nkollo tours and safaris
 Company Address :  Goliondoi road
 Branch Address :  P.o Box 12617 Kaloleni Arusha
 Currency :  USD
 Bank name :  EXIM BANK
 Exim  Branch Name :  Arusha branch
 Branch Code :  003
 Account Number :  0030037061
 Bank address :  P.o Box 1906, Arusha 
 BIC / Swift Code :  EXTNTZTZ


FAQ: Online Payments

Why is there a 4% charge?

The 4% charge is applied by banks and not by Nkollo Tours. In some regions, such as Tanzania, banks impose a 4% supplementary fee for credit card transactions.

Why should I make a payment using a credit card?

Credit card payments offer the fastest method to settle transactions with us, bypassing lengthy bank procedures. Once payment is made, we promptly receive confirmation, facilitating swift reservation confirmations. Please note that a 4% bank charge applies, as outlined below, with no hidden costs.

How do I know my credit card payment has gone through?

Upon entering your details on the secure website, you'll immediately receive approval and an online receipt. Kindly print and retain this receipt for your records. Additionally, please email us the payment receipt for swift booking confirmation.

What happens if my credit card transaction fails?

If your transaction fails, please contact your bank to authorize payments to the destination country. Banks may flag transactions they consider suspicious, particularly for international transactions. Simply inform your bank about the transaction and attempt payment again.

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